7 CVC Word Activities for Beginning Readers

There are lots of ways to practice reading words that don’t rely on forcing your child to read a book they don’t want to read, or aren’t ready for yet! 

Here are 7 different CVC word activities that are interactive and fun for your child.  

CVC Word Bingo

Have your child pick and read a card and everyone marks their board if they have it. You can play this as traditional BINGO or as BLACKOUT.

CVC Word/Picture Cards

This CVC Word activity is almost completely self correcting since all cards will have a match- of course your child may mix up a picture or word here and there.

Magnet CVC Words

Simple word building on a magnetic board or fridge is a great way to add a sensory aspect to learning and help cement the early reading and spelling skills.

CVC Word Eggs

Each egg contains the letters of a word and an object. Your child needs to sound out the word and put the letters in the correct order.

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