65 Tasks You Can Get Done in 10 Minutes or Less

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with the house. Overwhelmed with all the places to go. Overwhelmed with wondering, how in the world am I going to do it all? 

Here are list of 65 tasks, chores, things you can do in 10 minutes or less. Some of them only take a minute or a couple of seconds. 

Tasks In the Kitchen

- Unload the dishwasher  - Load the dishwasher - Wash the dishes - Wipe down the kitchen counters - Take out the trash - Clear and wipe the kitchen table

Tasks In the Bathroom 

- Clean the toilet - Clean bathroom mirrors - Empty the bathroom trash - Organize your medicine cabinet - Scrub the shower/tub - Mop/sweep the floor

Tasks In the Living Area 

- Vacuum or sweep a room - Vacuum the stairs - Start a load of laundry - 10 min zone clean - Wash a window  - Dust a shelf 

Tasks In the Bedroom 

- Make a bed  - Change the sheets  - Fold and put away a load of laundry  - Clear your dresser top - Vacuum or sweep

Tasks On the To Do List 

- Pay a bill - Sort and discard mail - Clear your inbox - Respond to an email - Work out

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