6 Adorable Heart-Shaped Animal Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for some fun Valentine’s crafts to do with your kids? Try making one of these heart-shaped animals to give away to friends, family, or classmates! 

Here are 6 different adorable animals you make using paper hearts! 

a fox

Do your kids love foxes like mine do? Make this cute paper heart fox for Valentine's Day!

a Cat

This heart-shaped cat is purr-fect... And so easy to make!

A Pig

Who doesn't love a pink pig for Valentine's Day!?

A Dog

Make this little love puppy for a fun Valentine craft.  You can change up the colors to make any dog you'd like!

A Panda

Panda's are one of the cutest animals around.  And this paper panda is just as adorable!

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