4 Ways to Contribute to Your Family Finances Without an Income

We just seem to feel guilty about everything, and if money is tight or if you are living month to month, that guilt of not bringing in any money to the household finances can feel crushing. 

Here are 4 tips to help you get rid of that guilt and start playing a more active role in your family finances. 

By Paying the Bills

Pay all the bills, balance the checkbooks, write all the checks. Just because you don’t earn an income doesn’t mean you should be hands off when it comes to the finances. 

By Saving Money

Saving can mean a lot of things. It can mean using coupons or creating savings accounts to save for bigger purchases or as an emergency fund. 

By Creating a Budget- and Stick to It!

A great way to contribute to your family’s finances when you don’t earn an income is to create your budget- and then make sure everyone sticks to it!

By Meal Planning & Preparation

By careful planning of meals you can reduce grocery store costs and the expense of going out to eat when you need a quick meal and didn’t plan ahead. 

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