28 Yummy & Healthy Preschool Christmas Party Snacks

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Do you have a preschool child at home?  

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Here are 28 fun, festive, and HEATLHY preschool Christmas party snacks to bring to the holiday party this year! 

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Santa And Elf Oranges for a Christmas Snack!

Small mandarin oranges and clementines are abundant in the stores in the winter- and they are prefect for preschoolers! 

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Santa Belly Fruit Cups

Dress up you fruit cups and turn them into Santa! 

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Christmas Apple Sandwiches

Make apple slices into a festive Christmas snack for your preschooler's class party with just a few ingredients. 

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Sledding Penguins Frozen Bananas

I loved chocolate dipped bananas growing up and these super cute chocolate banana penguins are just adorable! 

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Watermelon Christmas Trees

Watermelon is usually considered a summer fruit, but if you can find it in December, it can make a wonderful, healthy snack for your preschoolers Christmas party! 

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Photo Credit: onehandedcooks.com.au