27 Fun Bat Crafts for Kids to Enjoy

Kids love to craft! Art is an important part of learning at a young age and these bat crafts cover all the bases.  

Whether it’s Halloween or your kids are learning about bats, here are 27 super cute bat crafts for kids to explore! 

Halloween Bat Craft with Printable Bat Wings

It uses a repurposed oatmeal container and the article provides bat wings you can download and print to complete the craft!

Bat Silhouette Craft

This bat craft gives your child a chance to paint with something other than a paint brush!

Oil Pastel Bat Craft

Oil pastels are one of my favorite art mediums and kids love them too!  

Easy & Edible Bat Craft

Who says crafts have to be made out of paper? Try this edible bat craft and make cute bats out of Oreos and peanut butter cups- yum!

Spooky Bat Halloween Bottlecap Magnets

This cute bat craft is perfect for hanging up your kid's artwork! These bat magnets are so fun and so easy to make!

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