17 Fun Space Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Kids love to learn about the stars, astronauts, and planets- so help them get excited about the world we live in with these fun space crafts and activities that are perfect for preschoolers! 

Remember let your kids enjoy the process and use these ideas and tutorials as a jumping off point to creating your own version of the finished space craft! 

Marbled Planets 

This is the perfect space craft for preschoolers because it’s some what messy, colorful, and gives different results every time.  

Galaxy Dough 

All preschoolers love play dough- so space themed galaxy dough is tons of fun! 

Tissue Paper Planets 

Tissue paper is an easy medium for collages. Get some green, blues, red and orange tissue paper and create your own planet collage using a paint brush and glue. 

Glittery Galaxies 

Teach your preschoolers about galaxies by making a glittery galaxy mobile! 

Rocket Space Collage 

This is a fun mixed media project that includes a rocket made out of cardboard and a painted space background.

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