17 Fun Family Activities to Do With Teens

Are you looking for ways to have fun together and bond with your teenagers?  

Try some of these fun family activities to do with teens that even the teens will enjoy! 

Have a Family Game Night

If you are busy, I recommend setting a day aside each week for a family game night. Let your teen choose the game and just have fun! 

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great family activity to do with teens! And a great life skill to have as well. 

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is one of my family’s main summer activities. We all work together to plant, weed, water, pick bugs, and harvest. 

Have a Weekly Family Movie Night

This is a great time to watch movies you loved when you were a teenager and just enjoy spending time together and laughing together.  

Go Bowling

Bowling is one of those activities that never seems to go out of style. 

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