12 Ways to Make Money as a Teen Without a Traditional Job

Does your teen want extra money but you want her to focus on school? 

Here are 12 ways to make money as a teen without having to go out and get a steady job! 


If you have a teen that does well in school and enjoys studying, tutoring may be a great option to earn some extra money.  


This a tried and true job for teenage girls for generations. I started babysitting when I was 12 year old and it’s an easy way to make money while still having flexibility. 

Pet Sitting 

This can include walking dogs, visiting and playing with pets when their owners go out of town, or even watching the animals in your own home.  

Virtual Assistant 

As a virtual assistant your teen would help online businesses or bloggers with things like social media management, proof reading, or customer service.  

Social Media Influencer 

You can get paid by various social media outlets for posting things like reels.  

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