11 Simple and Fun Color Activities for Toddlers

The best way for toddlers to learn the colors is through play. They are naturally drawn to colors and often will learn them just by simple and consistent reminders from you. 

Here are some super simple color activities for toddlers that will having them naming the rainbow in no time! 

Rainbow Colored Activities and Crafts

Rainbow crafts are colorful and a ton of fun- making them the perfect way to discuss the colors! 

Color Sorting

Sorting colors is another simple color activity to set up for your toddler. All you need is an object that comes in multiple colors and a few containers to sort them into! 

Color Themed Sensory Play

If you don’t want to color bath time you can still get some colored sensory play by setting up color themed sensory bins. 

Color Matching

Color matching is similar to color sorting but with a bit of a different spin. Instead of just sorting the colors in to piles, toddlers have to be able to place a colored object with it’s corresponding colored partner. 

Color Mixing and Transferring

This color activity teaches a lot more than just colors. It lets your child gain fine motor skills and let’s them explore how to create new colors by mixing. 

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