11 Keto Dinner Recipes Even Your Kids Will Love

Making dinner can be a battle in any family, and I don’t know many moms who love to play the short order cook and make multiple meals at dinnertime.  

Here are 11 keto dinner recipes that even your kids will love! They are healthy and filling and don’t contain processed ingredients! 

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

What kid doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? This KETO friendly recipe features cauliflower instead of wheat pasta. 

Photo credit: dontsweattherecipe.com

Crispy Parmesan Chicken

It’s crispy- so it’ll remind you of the not-so-healthy fried version you love. It’s great for a variety of diets- Keto and 21 Day Fix, to name a few.

Photo credit: carrieelle.com 

Instant Pot Pork Chops

These Instant Pot Pork Chops are SOOO easy. The instant pot keeps them from getting dried out and keeps the flavors in. 

Photo credit: recipesfromapantry.com 

Crustless Low Carb Taco Pie

Tacos are another kid favorite. But if you want to skip the tortillas, opt for this crustless taco pie instead!

Keto Pizza Bake

Now this isn’t a traditional pizza- more of pizza meets quiche. It’s eggy, cheesy, plus your pizza staples like tomatoes and pepperoni. 

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