11 Fun Family Activities for Christmas Day

Are you looking for fun Christmas day family activities to make this Christmas day even more memorable and fun for your kids? 

Try one of these 11 activities to make Christmas day as fun as the weeks leading up to Christmas! 

Watch a Movie

Every year the kids wake up early (obviously!) and usually wake each other up. Then they all pile on the couch in the Christmas pajamas with the blankets and turn on Ernest Saves Christmas 

Make a Special Breakfast

Christmas time is all about the food, right? We have Christmas cookies, Christmas dinner, Christmas candy….but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good Christmas breakfast too! 

Play a Game

Another tradition in our home is to give board game as a family gift each year. I try to choose a game that everyone can take part in- young or old, so that we can all play together.  

Have a Candy Cane Hunt

All you need is a different type of candy cane for each family member. Take all the candy canes and hide them around your house or your yard.  

Volunteer Together

There are plenty of ways to help out others in need, especially around the holidays. 

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