11 Free or Frugal Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Sensory play helps children to explore and stimulate some or all of the senses and make connections and process the world around them. 

Here are 11 sensory activities for toddlers that are either 100% free- or super frugal- to make! 

Water Beads

Water beads are SOOOOO much fun to play with. And they are pretty cool too.

Fruit Loop Crushing

Do your kids love to crush and smash things as much as mine? Fruit Loops (or any other cereal) makes a great sensory activity for toddlers! 

Corn Sensory Bin

When it comes to sensory bin fillers, I love using corn. And toddlers love the feel of digging their hands through the kernels!

Soap and Water

This sensory activity for toddlers (or kids of all ages) is virtually free- and a favorite of my kids.

Instant Snow

All you need is instant snow powder mixed with water and you can have gallons of fluffy “snow” to play in!

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