11 Best Family Board Games for Family Fun Night

We’ve always been game players, and board games are a great way to connect as a family and disconnect in this screen-led world we live in. 

Here are some of our favorite family boards games- they are all ones that can be played by multiple players of multiple ages- so almost all the kids can take part with little or no modification. 


It’s a great game for strategy and really thinking through how to narrow down who did it. 

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

The Family Edition has 2 sets of cards, one for kids and one for adults. Meaning even younger kids can play and still get questions correct.

Settlers of Catan

This board game is great for strategy- but there’s an element of bartering and trading that other games don’t have that is super fun.

Ticket to Ride

It’s all about building your train line between the US Cities and trying to create as many lines as possible and building the longest train. 

Kingdom Builder

You have 8 boards to choose from, but only 4 are used in any given game, so the board is always different.

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