10 Fun Dice Games for Kids and Families

Dice games are simple fun, great for on-the-go play, and are great for a rainy day when you are stuck inside. 

Here are some of my favorite dice games- some are board games and some just use dice and score sheets. So get your dice and let’s go!  


Qwixx is a color coded dice game that comes with 2 white dice, a yellow, red, green and blue dice. The concept and scoring is simple- so kids as young as 5 of so can play.


Yahtzee is a classic dice game and the first one I ever remember playing. 


All you need is 2 dice and a dry erase board and you can help your kid practice their addition facts under the guise of a fun game!


Farkle is a scored dice game that requires you to roll a 1, 5 or a special combination like 3 of a kind, 3 pairs, or a straight.


Dragonwood is a card and dice game where you collect cards and use them to earn chances to roll the dice and capture fun woodland creatures.

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